North Queensland Hardfacing (NQHF) has been a leading supplier of Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing for over 19 years. NQHF has been leading the way in innovation, quality and creating cost savings for customers.

We have a great deal of experience in designing effective wear packages for loader and digger buckets while using the right material for the right place, giving exceptional wear life, while not overweighting the bucket.

Our whole philosophy is to cost effectively extend the life of components weld on, bolt on or pin on, cost effectively extend the life of buckets, and reduce the day to day maintenance scheduling on all types of plant, whether it be fixed or mobile, large or small.

The end result is better productivity, delivering real cost savings by reducing real maintenance costs.

Feel free to explore our site but if you can not find what you need pleasecontactus and we can arrange a solution for your situation.